Christmas Loan

   Christmas season is fast approaching and I'm sure a lot of people are already doing their annual Christmas shopping. There are a lot of Christmas sale in the mall which some even offers fifty percent off their normal price. Isn't it nice to buy that digital camera you've been wanting for so long or that long dress you've been craving to have for Christmas. But what if you don't have the budget to buy those stuff?

   Good thing, you can now get a quick loan through First Amerigo. Getting a loan from First Amerigo is the safest and the quickest way to borrow the money you need without a collateral. The process is as easy as one, two, three. To get started you need to fill out an application form... you can start here or apply directly to the website. Second, wait for an approval and after that whoala, you get the cash normally just within an hour after your loan has been approved. Don't worry if you have a bad credit standing, they do have a Bad Credit Personal Loan that you can apply for without the hassle of sending out sending documents or pledge for a collateral.

  Check on the website now for more information. Merry Christmas!

Wanna Learn Wordpress

I really do. As what I've heard, this is the blog interface that most of the successful bloggers are using. I am very much willing but for someone who's been using blogger for the longest time (since 2004), it's kinda hard for me to adapt to it. I don't know how to customize themes, don't know how to get my own domain for a cheaper price. As to what I've learned, if you host your domain with wordpress, it would cost you $18 as opposed to blogger which only costs me $10 per year. Well I know you have an option to get other hosting applications but I hate complication. I want to make it as simple as possible so I guess for the meantime I'll stick with blogger. Will try to learn wordpress little by little but I don't want to stress myself and have an information overload. For now, I would be sticking with my current blogs. The last time I checked, I had 38 blogs all in all! Phew! But most of them are either not updated or no content at all. I promise to make this as a daily habit which will also be a preparation for my next journey. Well, if God permits to send my hubby as a seaman, I would soon quit my current job and fulfill my dream to be a work at home professional. In that way, I can manage both my time and my finances. As you all know, I am working in a Call Center and normally our shift starts at night. It would be safer and more practical to just earn at home. Maybe not that much but also less expenses. For now, I have a six month plan and that is to save and save until I can fully pay my house. Till next entry. :)


Wasn't able to blog for almost a year here. Wasn't able to earn even a penny since the last time I blogged. I don't know what happened but I lost interest and I lost the drive to earn online again. I am not afraid to share my failures because only by then would I be able to share my ups and downs to my readers and that same confession would help me get back on my feet and try and try and try again. I remember blogging about four years ago about my dream of being a work at home professional. Being able to work online at home and being a big time blogger...I still have that dream but it shrinked dramatically since then. Everything is really my fault, I let myself be stagnant...not allowing myself to learn other tricks and other ways on how to make money online. I feel  that my mind could only understand a certain strategy and it would be harder for me to analyze other tricks but I know that was wrong. Everyone of us need to learn, need to advance as time passes. Don't ever let yourself be stagnant for a period of time. That is deadly. Now I am slowly reviving back my passion to blog and to write about my experiences and I hope this time I won't fail anymore.

Easiest Way to Get A Loan

Are you someone who needs money for a certain purpose but payday is still two weeks away? Are you someone with bad credit and is having a hard time borrowing money from lending companies? Or are you someone who wants to get a personal loan but doesn't have any property to use as a colateral? Worry no more as there is now a lending company called First Amegigo that offers personal loans for bad credit. A high credit rating and good credit history is not needed if you want to apply for an installment loan. This process is only based on the company's trust and confidence on the borrower. What's good about this is that your loan can get your loan in just three easy steps. First, you need to fill out an application form online. Second, you will receive the approval notification from the company. Thrird, the money would be immediately deposited on your bank account in as fast as one hour! Wow, that was fast! So hurry now and check on their site for more information on how to get that loan you need.

My Baby's Name

Last night, I and hubby are talking about our plans for the future. Since we already have a house, the next on our list would be to have a family of our own. I want a baby girl while he wants to have a boy like him. Well, it's really not a big deal for both of us as we would accept whatever it is that God would give us. The conversation went on and were so into it that we forgot it's already dinner time. So off we took our dinner while still talking about our plan of having a baby soon. The conversation was sweet until we tackle a topic that is very important...naming the baby. I want it simple but unique while he wants to have a baby with an actor's name with it. The argument went on for about an hour until I gave in. I would allow him to use an actor's name but it should still be unique. So off we checked the net and looks for a list of names of actors so we could pick the best one. Good thing the actors name list is in alphabetical order so it's not hard for us to look into the list. Among the list with actors names, we both decided to name our little child Nicolas Crousse if he is a boy and Fritzi Ross if she would be a girl. It's such a tight argument but I'm happy we came up with a decision that we both agree on.

Blog Experiment

In my plan of starting a new strategy when it comes to making money through blogs... I deleted some old posts I have in here regarding my online income. Sure I have my own share of successes and failures when it comes to this money making venture but I would like to experiment on different things. Right now, I am deleting some old sponsored posts on my other blogs. In that way, I could track what keywords are really giving me an audience so I could optimize it. At first I thought I can live with no page rank and no visitors...advertisers pay me anyway. But what I didn't realize is the potential income I could get by just making sure everything in my blogs are in order. I would try to organize my 20 blogs one by one and post some fresh articles. I am planning of hiring two of my officemates as an Associate Bloggers so I could save some time and so I could also help them and inform them on several ways on how to start making money online. This is a two month plan and I hope through this experiment, all my blogs would have a decent page rank and visitors. I would update you once in a while about whats going on with these experiment.


A lot of my friends and family members are asking me on how I make money by just writing articles. Some thought it's too good to be true and some even thought I am just making that up. Some of my friends always ask me some how to blogger questions but I really cant say anything much because I'm not improving. What they don't know is that there are multiple income stream on the internet, all you just need to do is research and learn. I admit, I am not earning that much this year compared to my first year in the business. I find it ironic as I know much more this time with regards to blogging than five or six years ago. But the main question is...why am I not improving. Simple...consistency. I lack consistency. I am not afraid to tell my readers about what's going on with my blogging career as I know if I share it with will learn from my mistakes. I haven't blogged for a month or two already. I lack discipline and is only writing articles especially if I would get paid to it. My passion in writing has diminished and was replaced by my passion to earn lots of money. In effect, I am here...merely getting $40 a month for blog article writing. I don't know if I still have the right to post anything in here as I have been a failure...but I know that while we are still alive, there is still hope. So I am doing the hardest first step again in my blogging career...I want to start anew. I want to be as passionate in writing as I was seven years ago. I hope you would still continue to support me in this online journey. I would try one more time and I pray that in a couple of weeks...I could share with you some good news.

6 Ways to Start Making Money Online

1. Find a high traffic, low competition keyword in your niche
- there are a lot of keywords available but I suggest you pick the keyword that interests you or that is closes to your heart. It's hard to write about something that you barely know. As a starting point, you can pick something that you feel confident writing about. You can think about your other niche keywords after establishing your first blog.

2. Register a domain that contain your keyword
- there are a lot of free domains available for you. I personally use blogger's account, though I still advise you getting your own domain (dot com, dot net, dot org). For starter, you can start with getting a free one until you get familiar on it's interface and the in's and out's of it.

3. Create your site and optimize its onpage content for search engines
- remember your keyword ALWAYS. You can use it on your post titles or the post itself. You can create multiple keywords related to your master keyword. For example, you wish to create a site about beauty products.. Beauty products would be your master keyword and the words such as facial cream, skin lotion, anti-aging creme would be some of your sub keywords. In that way, you won't be redundant but still can get targeted visitors.

4. Look for high PR sites and try to make a backlink on them
-getting a backlink from websites might be a tedious job, but by making sure that you are worth the backlink by writing useful articles would definitely help. Make sure that you have already written down multiple articles targeting a certain niche before asking for backlinks. In that way, there's a bigger chance of getting it.

5. Keep on repeating steps 3 and 4 until you hit the first page of google
-keep track of your success by checking and updating your blogs daily.

6. Watch online income pouring to your bank
-sign up for money making sites and watch how much $$$ can you make.

Good luck, tell me about your stories and inquiries at

Excited to Blog Again

Hey everyone! How's your new year? I hope you had a great one. Well, here I am again changing the theme of this blog. I'm happy to inform you that I am now back in blogging. I've realized that there is no good in procastinating, hoping for bigger and brighter blogging opportunity without doing anything about it. So I am happy to inform you that in addition to my existing ten blogs, I have added two more. One is about cheap travel in the Philippines and another one is a food blog. I am still planning of managing another blog for current events but I guess I would use one of my existing blogs for it, I'll just change the format and the theme. So far so good, I have been working on my blogs this January so I think I again give you some insight on how much I earn for a particular month, just like before. I would like my readers to be inspired and learn from my mistakes. I would like to answer some how to blogger questions and I want to be an inspiration to others. Don't worry, I'll gonna guide you though each and every step. For now, I'm still improving my blogs so I hope next month, when I post my monthly earnings, I can see the difference. Enjoy reading!

What Website Should I Visit to Start A Blog?

Since I’ve been keeping a diary since I was a kid, blogging became just a piece of cake for me. At first, blogging is just an online diary. Instead of writing down my daily experiences in a piece of paper, this time I type it out and post it in a certain website. Not much of a difference. But as time goes by, blogging became more than just an online diary. It became an avenue for me to express what I feel, share what I know, meet new friends and of course, earn money online. Blogging became not just a hobby for me, it became a passion.

I don’t have a formal education in English language and my vocabulary is not that wide…but I’m trying my best to convey what I feel to my readers the best way I can. I’m trying to read books to expand my vocabulary and to also learn the proper way of using different kinds of words. I guess every blogger has a responsibility to it’s readers so I trying to be careful on what kin of words to use as to not create misunderstanding among my readers. Before you begin to create your first blog, you need to commit to yourself that you will not abandon it . You need to nurture it and to constantly update it. You need to have a connection to your blog, without a connection, I don’t think you’ll be able to earn a single penny from it.

The only blog interface I am familiar with is blogger. It is a company owned by google. Before I forgot, Google should be our best friend. Google is the that gives us pagerank or site importance. I will discuss with you all about page rank on my next posts but for now, I need to let you know the importance of using a blogger as a blog interface. I’m not saying that using Wordpress or other blog interface are inferior, in fact, some of the most popular sites uses those software. What I am trying to point out is that, if you are a novice in a blogging world, it is best to use blogger as it is easier to navigate and it has the simplest interface. Also, since google is the owner of it, I feel there is a big chance for blogger sites to have a higher pagerank. On my next post, I’ll teach you how to create your first blog.